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Sam Burrows, age 22, CNM student, represented the US in the Under 21 Division of the American Polocrosse Association in Australia in 2007.  This year, Sam found a match for his unique riding style with his 5 YO TB-QH, Mister, whose elastic style of riding melds beautifully with his horse’s lightning quick maneuvers. We are so proud of Sam as he is joining the Air National Guard In February were he will be a crew chief. We will miss him during the spring season.

List of Current Club Members

Sammy Burrows  (aka Slug)

Zach Levy, age 21, CNM student. After four years of playing, has also found his equine partner in a Seattle Slew offspring, Indy. Both equine and human have a laid back style of play that can quickly escalate to getting’ busy on the field and cleaning up no matter the position.

Zach Levy

Lia Levy hopes to ride later this season on the handy Appy whose athletic ability will make it easier for her to focus on developing her essential ball skills.  When you have a well-trained horse that knows just what to do....NO EXCUSES!  This year Lia is our Mountain Zone Representative.

Lia Levy - Vice President [2010]


Angel is a former polocrosse player who was forced to put down the racket due to injury.  That hasn’t stopped her from being one the team’s biggest supporters, though, and one of the team’s favorite cooks!

Angel Van Sumeren


Mae Lee Van Sumeren as the youngest member at age 13 has also moved up in play and on horses. This year, she rides Sammy’s last-year’s mount, a Doc O’ Lena mare, Lena. Mae Lee practices with the big boys and boy does it show on the field where she not only maneuvers her handy horse out of difficult situations, but makes the play in the end. MaeLee has also made it on the APA youth development team. Which makes her eligible to represent the USA team to compete against international teams like Ireland, England and Australia. 

Maelee Van Sumeren  (aka Mulan) - President [2010]

Five of the six members of the Habañeros 6-man team at the 2004 Central Region Finals.  In order from left to right are: Will Van Sumeren, Uli Salas, Sammy Burrows, Jarred Conley & Jim Byrd.  All salute the American Flag.2007 Vice President Sam BurrowsMaelee Van Sumeren
2007 Secretary Zach Levy

In the yellow, from left to right are:

Willy Van Sumeren, Uli Salas, Sammy Burrows, Jarred Conley & Jim Byrd.


Member in good standing


Habañero Polocrosse Club

We are hot, Hot, HOT!!!

Caitlin Moss, age 22, is also a UNM student, and has taught riding at a Wilderness Camp.  She will start her second season of polocrosse and like, Matt, rides several horses but hopes to go to tournament on her favorite mount, the Appy! She loves his ability to turn on a dime as she maneuvers to block her opponent and deflect a score!

Caitlin Moss

Matt Wilder, age 22, UNM student and Army National Guard member. His riding experience, gained on the backs of various horses, has quickly developed his skills to the extent that at his first tournament, he was able to snatch the ball from the line up almost every time!

Matt Wilder


Jim Byrd with his young off-the-track TB, Bull, can't help but bully their way across the field as they create a formidable force of sheer speed and energy. Once opponents figure out what they're going to do, they have the difficult task of catching up to them! If that doesn’t work he has many other bras I mean tricks in his bag.

Jim Byrd - Treasurer [2010]

Willy Van Sumeren, One of our “Masters division” players (meaning old), doubles as coach and fill in player wherever needed. His philosophy “There ain’t no money in this, we are just here to have fun. But winning is a definite plus.” Willy is always laughing while playing, usually at or with Jim.

Willy Van Sumeren (aka Chief)      Sergeant at Arms [2010]

2007 President Will Van Sumeren

Megan is a senior in HS this year and really looking forward to the next challenges in her life. She worked at a wilderness camp in Colorado last year and is just tuning in  her polocrosse  abilities this year.

Megan Moss