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More of our Current Club Members

Team coach, Will Van Sumeren is giving pointers to Caitlin Moss, Silver Laursen & Maelee Van Sumeren during practice

Member in good standing


Habañero Polocrosse Club

We are hot, Hot, HOT!!!

Don’t let that smile fool you, this guy will hunt you down on the field. Andrew often plays the number 2 position where his job is to get that ball to his number one: A job that he takes seriously and accomplishes with great sportsmanship. Playing with or against Andrew, he is so pleasant and good natured that his charm will win you over.

Chris Salas


From the office to the Polocrosse  Field, Leslie trades in her pencil for the racket and gets busy on her TB horse, Bugs, where she had been cleaning up on the field during her first year as a Habanero Polocrosse Member.

Anna Salas


James just started practicing in the fall of 2009 and watch out this guy is a fierce competitor. His serious Hockey background has definatly helped him to come on strong. James is already playing with the veterens.

Andrew Salas


Not only did Amanda play for the first time during the August Habanero Polocrosse tournament, she ‘ate the pepper’ and is officially a Habanero in form. Amanda and Sam just anounced their engagement an plans on taking some time off this year but I’m sure she will be cheering on Sam  and the rest of the Habaneros.


A beautiful snapshot of the best coffee brewer in the world...Uli SalasUp and coming polocrosse star, Anna SalasTeam cutie Andrew Salas

The Salas family have been members since the mid 90’s. Although they have moved to Texas and now live in Colorado Springs. In their hearts and ours they will always be Habaneros. Uli has been playing on Fancy for the past several years, often as the difficult number 2 position where speed and strategy are her best forces.

Chris has truly become a force to be reckoned with, anchoring the B team on his horse slug. This year Chris honed his skills as the #1 helping his team to take 1st place at the AU tournament in Colorado. Now Chris, wave and smile nicely at the umpire.

Anna is a rising star on horseback. She also enjoys and competes very well in jumping, Her bedroom wall is wallpapered with ribbons she has won. Anna has a cool, collected demeanor on the field, rarely gets ruffled and as a number one… she just gits er’ done!

Leslie Roots   Secretary—[2010]

Uli Salas

James Roots


Shane  had the opportunity to watch his mother play during the July 4th tournament and got hooked himself! As is common, Shane has been riding Zach’s old polocrosse horse, the Appy. In just a few short weeks, Shane is out there picking up the ball and preparing for his first tournament next year. This guy is going to be a star #1

Shane Roots

Linnae (18) is proving she is a excellent rider with a very handy horse (Jake). She just started playing polocrosse this year and it’s obvious she is going to move up in levels very fast. Linnae already plays an excellent #3




Andre just rode a horse for the first time in sept 2009. Originally from Poland wanted to be a Cowboy and is just livin’ the life now. He’s tried trail, mountain trail, Cowboy mounted shooting, and polocrosse. He just keeps on showing up at our doorstep with a big smile and can’t wait for what is next. We just love his youthful exuberance.


Ian Winwood

Ian is originally from Zimbabwe now living in AZ. He came in after a 2 year break in playing an has our best players thinking our game has just risen’ a whole nether level