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Text Box: 2010
To be announced 
Text Box: Player registration Friday night . Continental breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings. Play begins 8:30 am Saturday. Louisiana boil Saturday @ 6:00 pm. Sunday play begins 8:30 am.
Players:  $55.00 includes meals ($35.00 UNDER 18)
Non-players: $10.00 adults $6.00 child for Louisiana Boil dinner
LOCATION: Albuquerque’s South Valley
2228 Kelly ave sw   (1/4 mi. south of  Bridge  st. 2 blocks east off of Atrisco 
Text Box: Text Box: Special thanks to:

Wizard Auto & Trucking

Greg @ SV Western Mercantile
Text Box: CONTACT: Will Van Sumeren
Text Box: Entry fee includes: