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History of Polocrosse

Text Box: What does world renowned horse trainer Clinton Anderson have to say about Polocrosse? 
" I gotta tell you seriously, Polocrosse is the greatest fun you can have with your clothes on...It's a great sport. In Australia it's very much a family sport. A lot of mothers and fathers play, their kids play, there is a level for everybody from wee little kids that barely get out of a walk and if one goal gets scored every game that's a good deal to the professionals who each get 20 or 30 goals at each end kind of a deal. So there's a level for everybody, that's for sure. It's a lot of fun, you don't have to have the greatest horse in the world---”
Habañero Polocrosse Club logoAndrew Salas, Maelee Van Sumeren & Anna Salas at the 2004 Central Region Finals

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The Australian horse sport of Polocrosse was derived from an equestrian exercise in England and was introduced to Australia in 1939 where it rapidly spread across the country.

Polocrosse is also played in New Zealand, New Guinea, South Africa, the United States, and Zimbabwe. Due to the interest and growth of Polocrosse, the International Polocrosse Association was formed in 1976. Its aim was to promote international competitions, to create a common international set of rules of the game, and to promote the sport throughout the world.

Polocrosse was first introduced in the United States at Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio, by students who had been to Australia on academic terms abroad. Of the first group of women to travel down under, Kathy Nelson is recognized for returning to the United States with rackets and balls ready to teach others. Upon her return, she organized evening practices at the college for all interested. One student who participated in these practices was Darcy Deming, who went to Australia for her Academic Term abroad, then for an additional nine months after graduation. She returned to the U.S. to form what is now the American Polocrosse Association. In October, 1982, the Canadian Polocrosse Association was formed.

The United States Pony Clubs, Inc., approved Polocrosse as a resource in 1994, and in 1997, the USPC Board of Governors approved Polocrosse as an activity committee.

It goes without saying that Polocrosse is definitely

"King of the One Horse Sports"